Commemoration of March 8th, reflections from the Criminology

Overview of the Lecture Series

Last March 8th 2024, via Zoom, was held the 3rd edition of the Lecture Series “Commemoration of March 8th”, in which the aim of the event is to discuss, reflect, analyze and question, from a multidisciplinary approach, different aspects that go through and impact the construction of being a woman. In this order of ideas, is that different specialists, share us their knowledge and time, to add to this commemoration. Professor Carla Monroy Ojeda was directly in charge of the logistic and organization.

  1. Alejandra Ojeda Sampson, “Feminism through the self professional practice”

Professor Ojeda Sampson, presented and invited us to reflect on the patriarchal discursive constructs that we experience within professional practice. How, we as women, reproduce the patriarchal speech, but little by little we can realize it, and transform it.

  2. Reyna Lizeth Vázquez Gutiérrez, “The feminist pacifist empowerment, in the frame of the imperfect peace”.


The culture of peace is a human right, and developing actions toward this approach, allows humanity walks to justice and equality. Also, there is a very long and winding road to arrive to that objective, the journey has started.

  3, María de Lourdes Alejandra Miranda Herrera, “ Feminisms for everybody; riding the waves”.

Feminist theories are a very wide and interest field of study, and contrary to what a lot o people think, there are several ways to live and think, and to observe the feminism. The common denominator within feminist ideology, is the interest to analyze the construction of roles annd what it means to be a woman, especially in the patriarchal context


  4. María Kiekari, “Body does not lies. Trauma and the body”

Trauma is a phenomenon that goes beyond the event itself. It leaves a deep mark that conditions the life of the affected person. As a defense mechanism, people who have experienced trauma can disconnect from their own body and its sensations. People needs to understand why, how, when, trauma began, in order to recover and get self confidence back. Men and women have different ways to suffer trauma,  and therefore, different ways to heal.