The MDinGBV Project

This project aims at supporting the academic community of Colombia, Mexico and Peru to build their capacity to create and/or empower professionals, combatting gender-based violence. The creation of a Master Degree in Gender Based Violence will provide the necessary capacity to university students and future employees to define, spot, address, prevent and mitigate this type of violence in different areas. It will offer a holistic, modern and innovative approach by bringing together different faculties of many universities from the involved countries to cooperate, supported by European universities’ experience in the topic and the engagement of digital technology.

Except form the skills related to gender-based violence, the project aims on providing them with two more types of skills aiming at creating a bridge with the needs of the labour market.

First aim

First aim, is the provision of terminology in the English language. Thus, the graduates will have the basic knowledge on applying their skills at an international level that can also motivate them to further extend their knowledge related to the English language.

Second aim

The second aim is the use of digital technology. Starting with the development of the capacity of academic staff using the e-learning platform and digital tools, they can transfer these skills to the students of the Master.

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